Residence Permits for Students

If you are planning to study at a university, college, upper secondary school or folk high school in Sweden for more than three months, you will need a residence permit.

These applications can be submitted to the Embassy in Washington OR to any of the Swedish Honorary Consulates in the United States.

On May 20, 2011, an EU regulation entered into force in Sweden which means that residence permit cards (UT cards) replaced the permit stickers in passports. The permit must have been approved before your arrival in Sweden and it should be presented together with a valid passport document when you enter Sweden.

Many students are also eligible to apply online through the website of the Swedish Migration Board.

For a stay of less than three months, no residence permit is required. However, foreign nationals of certain countries must obtain visas in order to enter Sweden.  The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs maintains a list of countries whose citizens need to apply for a visa before entering Sweden. If you are a citizen of a country belonging to the EU, please contact the Embassy for further details.

Studies in Denmark
If you want to apply for a residence permit for studies in Denmark you can submit your application, in person and by appointment at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC. The Embassy will forward the application to the Danish authorities in Denmark for a decision. The fee is the same as when you apply at a Danish Consulate.

The Embassy of Sweden can not register your biometrics in Washington DC. If your application is granted you will be allowed entry through a national visa into Denmark and have your biometrics taken after entry. If you wish to register your biometrics in the United States please contact the Consulate General of Denmark in New York and submit your application with them.

When applying for residence permits, different requirements may apply for:

> doctoral, college/university or adult education studies
> upper secondary or high school (gymnasium)