Grants for Study or Research in Sweden

The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund is administered by the Swedish Institute in Stockholm and is intended for non-academic research or professional enrichment.

The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund
Professional travel grant up to the amount of SEK 30,000 in support of intensive research trips to Sweden of two to four weeks in length.  Applicants should have well-developed projects within the prioritized fields of politics, public administration, working life, human environment, mass media, business and industry, education or culture.  The grant is specifically intended for professional enrichment and is thus not applicable to work related to academic degrees, programs or conferences. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible.

The Swedish Bicentennial Fund for the exchange of qualified persons from the United States and Sweden was established by an Act of the Swedish Parliament in 1976 as a tribute to the United States Bicentennial and began operations in 1978 with grants to Americans and Swedes.  The purpose of the Fund is to provide opportunity for those in a position to influence public opinion and contribute to the development of their society to make a two-to-four weeks’ study trip to Sweden.

> More information about the fund as well as the application form is available here

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