Coordination Number and Name Registration

A child applicant who was born abroad and has never had a Swedish passport must first be added to the Swedish population register by applying for a coordination number.

The application is free of charge and can be filed at all Swedish consulates in the US and at the Embassy in Washington. The child must be present when the application is filed, and must be accompanied by at least one legal guardian. More detailed information about the structure and function of coordination numbers is available from the Swedish Tax Agency.

An application is filed in person at the Embassy in Washington during regular opening hours, no appointment is necessary.

The following documents are required:

  • Name registration form SKV 7750, signed by both legal guardians and by the applicant, if she or he is 12 or older.
  • Legal proof of guardianship, if legal custody has been granted to one parent or to another person.
  • Child's original birth certificate, issued by the state's Vital Records Office, and clearly stating the names of both parents.
  • Swedish passport for Swedish citizen parent.
  • Valid photo ID with clearly visible signature for a foreign citizen parent, e.g. passport or driver's license.
  • Original documentation proving U.S. resident status (valid visa or green card) or U.S. citizenship (naturalization certificate AND U.S. passport) of Swedish legal guardian(s)
  • Certificate of Naturalization, if a Swedish citizen parent has become a U.S. citizen by application (naturalization)
  • Documentation from the Swedish Migration Board, if a Swedish citizen parent gained U.S. citizenship by application before July 1, 2001 to certify that s/he has regained Swedish citizenship
  • Original marriage certificate, if parents'/legal guardians' are married 
  • Processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks.

If you choose to submit notarized copies of required documentation instead of original documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of naturalization, passports, etc), please note that the copy must be certified by a notary public as being a "True copy of the original document" and carry the signature and official stamp of said notary public. A copy where you yourself, in the presence of a notary, certify that the document is a true copy is not sufficient for our needs. The Embassy in Washington recommends that you bring original documents along with regular photocopies of all required documentation, including passports, when submitting an application to our office.