Passport Application Procedures

Passport application procedures have changed to increase the security of travel documents.

All passport applicants at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington must be digitally photographed and fingerprinted on site at the time of the application.

Applications may be submitted at the Consulate General in New York and the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC. We also offer application services at some honorary consulates in the U.S. on certain dates through the mobile passport station.

Passport Appointments - Book Online
The Embassy in Washington DC has scheduled appointments to apply for a regular passport/National ID card. Appointments can only be scheduled through the below appointment system. You have to book online through the Embassy website. Please follow the instructions carefully. You will receive a confirmation email after you have completed the booking. Please note that to be able to book for more than one person, the free slots must follow each other.

Please click here to schedule, cancel or reschedule an appointment

Book Well in Advance
There are many who apply for passports at the Embassy in Washington. We therefore recommend that you book well in advance, before your passport expires or you need to travel. Please note that reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance.

Why Were New Procedures Introduced?

In today's world, it has become increasingly important that documents required to travel – passports and identity cards – are secure. As of October 1, 2005, Swedish travel documents are issued in compliance with the requirements laid down in the EU regulation regarding passport security and biometrics. These passports and identity cards have a computer chip which stores the holder's personal data and photograph. 

The police in Sweden use digital photo stations to photograph everyone who applies for a passport or identity card. At a border checkpoint, a snapshot of the passport holder can be instantly compared to the photo on the chip. The aim is to ensure that the person using the passport and the person in the passport photo are one and the same.

For that same reason, photo stations have also been installed at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington to photograph all passport applicants. These photos replace those previously provided by the applicants themselves. 

Fingerprints to be Included in Passports

As of June 28, 2009 all passports issued by European Union member countries contain fingerprints from two fingers. The prints are stored in a micro chip in the passport.

Valid passports do not need to be replaced. Fingerprints will not be taken for children under the age of six years.

Further information about Swedish passports and identity cards is available on the website of the Swedish Police:

Honorary Consulates No Longer Passport Offices

As Swedish missions abroad began to use photo stations, honorary consulates ceased to act as passport offices. The honorary consulates in the U.S. (except for the Consulate General in New York) can therefore no longer accept applications for regular passports or identity cards, except for when the Embassy of Sweden offers this service at different consulates on certain dates through the mobile passport station.

Applicants must apply in person at the Embassy in Washington, DC.

Two Personal Visits

The new procedure for travel documents means that a person who is applying for a new, regular passport or national identity card must make two personal visits.  The first visit is to apply in person and the second to pick up the passport or identity card when it is ready.

Pick-Up of New Passports at Honorary Consulates

New passports and identity cards may still be picked up at honorary consulates when Sweden introduces fingerprints in travel documents. The Embassy in Washington DC introduced fingerprints on May 11th, 2009. The Embassy in Washington must verify the quality of the new passport or identity card and then forward it to the honorary consulate. The applicant's identity must be verified when he or she picks up the document. For pickup of the new passport at a consular location other than the one at which the application was submitted, there is a shipping fee of $10 (payable at time of application) and an additional processing fee of $20 (payable at pickup).

Electronic Handling and Shorter Wait Times

As the Swedish missions abroad begin using photo stations, they are also receiving new technical equipment to produce the basis for a passport or identity card. The application is sent electronically to Sweden for manufacturing, which means shorter wait times for applicants.

Different Alternatives for Swedes Abroad

Swedish nationals who reside abroad and who need a new passport or identity card have options for applying for new douments:

  • The quickest and cheapest way is to apply while visiting Sweden.  You can contact any passport office, see the website of the Swedish police:

    Normally, you can pick up a new passport or identity card within a week.  It is also possible to pickup your new passport or identity card at an embassy or consulate, although this takes longer and costs more.

  • You may submit your application at a Swedish mission abroad. New documents for travel take between three to four weeks as they are produced in Sweden and sent back by courier. The documents can be picked up at any passport office in Sweden or abroad.

Provisional Passports Remain the Same

The handling and application procedure for provisional or emergency passports remains unchanged. They will be issued in the same way as before. The documents affected by the new procedure are regular passports, extra passports and national identity cards.

Required Documents for All Applicants

All applicants for passports or national identity cards must provide proof of identity, as well as proof of Swedish citizenship. Applicants are advised to consult embassy or consulate staff in advance of submitting their application.