Open Aid

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Open Aid is the name of the government's efforts to adapt the Swedish cooperative development to today's realities, and the opportunities that globalization and technological developments create. The goal is to combat poverty as effectively as possible. To achieve this goal, aid has to be open to public control and ideas from more sources.

As part of the Open Aid, a transparency guarantee has been added to the aid. The guarantee means that public documentation and information about Swedish aid are actively made available on the Web. The website for this is is available in both Swedish and English. is a website where Swedish aid is open and collected in one place

Opening up development cooperation builds on the need for greater transparency

  • through active transparency to promote greater knowledge of, demand accountability in, and monitor Swedish development cooperation
  • to promote fresh thinking and harness the knowledge that exists in different parts of society
  • for increased cooperation and greater involvement of more actors in Swedish development policy.

Every aspect of "Open Aid" will be underpinned by transparency, participation and cooperation. Its implementation has been divided into five projects:

  • A transparency guarantee
  • Active anti-corruption
  • Courage to speak out
  • More actors and more knowledge
  • Freedom, women and the Internet