Global Women's Issues at Centre for Sweden's Foreign Policy

One of the focus areas for Sweden’s Government and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, is gender equality and specifically global women’s issues.

Countries worldwide, including Sweden, suffer a systematic subordination of women and girls. The goal of achieving gender equality is fundamentally a human rights issue. There is also a clear link between a high level of gender equality and peaceful and democratic societies.

Discrimination against women and girls and denial of women's human rights is in many places a growing threat to peace and security, as well as sustainable development. The oppression of women is an issue that requires increased attention in central, broad policy analysis.

A human rights perspective includes both civil and political rights that give women a voice and influence. It also means strengthening women's economic, social and cultural rights - including a reasonable standard of living, basic education, good health and the right to decide over their own sexuality and reproduction.

To bring about change requires that gender-based violence be thwarted both in peacetime and in war. This is done by breaking impunity for gender-based violence and to actively work against discrimination and gender stereotypical norms. It is crucial to strengthen women's economic and political influence, including the contribution to conflict prevention, peaceful conflict resolution, and consolidation of peace at all levels. Women's participation in mediation and negotiation is both about equality and equal opportunity, as peace agreements provide structure and direction for the entire society after a war.

The goal

The goal, of what is referred to as a feminist foreign policy, is to contribute to gender equality by reflecting the gender perspective in a coherent way in agenda-setting, information gathering, analysis, decision, design and implementation of interventions, as well as in monitoring and evaluation.


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