Embassy Staff

  • henrik-cederin-foto-kristian-pohl

    Ambassador Henrik Cederin Photo: Kristian Pohl, Regeringskansliet

The following people are working at the Embassy of Sweden:

Mr Henrik Cederin

Ms Annika Åberg
Second Secretary
Officer Political Reporting/Trade- and Sweden Promotion/Migration

Ms Anna Dloski 
Trade, Promotion and Communication Officer/Migration

Ms Esineya Sakala-Phiri
Social Secretary


Bilateral Development Cooperation

Ms Karin Sverkén
Counsellor, Deputy Head of Mission
Head of the Bilateral Development Cooperation

Ms Annika Lysén
First Secretary
Deputy Head of Section, Economist/Development Analyst

Ms Chimfwembe Sichinga
Programme Officer

Ms Magdalena Svensson
First Secretary
Programme Officer Energy

Mr Mike Banda
Programme Officer Finance and Administration

Ms Ulrika Hertel
Programme Officer Health and SRHR

Ms Cecilia Brumér 
First Secretary
Programme Officer Agriculture, Market Development, Financial Services

Mr Ngosa Yoram Mbolela
Programme Officer Energy

Ms Pezo Phiri
Programme Officer Democratic Governance

Ms Malala Mwondela
Programme Officer Gender

Mr Zoole Newa
Programme Officer Agriculture, Market Development, Financial Services

Ms Audrey Mwendapole Muchemwa
Programme Officer Health

Mr Phanuel Mandebvu
Programme Officer Health

Ms Lusungu Nyirenda Mwami
Administrative Assistant, International Training Programmes 

Ms Lisa Diehl


Regional Development Cooperation

Ms Eva Bursvik
Trade and Economic Integration


The Regional Team for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Mr Dag Sundelin
Counsellor, Head of Regional Section

Ms Susanna Jansson Landin
First Secretary, Deputy Head of Regional Section

Mr Mats Johansson
First Secretary

Ms Bertha Maembe

Ms Diana Macauley
Programme Officer Research Cooperation, Rights Issues

Ms Chipo Zulu
Programme Officer Regional Programmes - Sexual Education and Equality

Ms Mikaela Hildebrand
First Secretary
Programme Officer Regional Programmes - Vulnerable Groups and SRHR

Mr Jesper Sundewall
First Secretary
Programme Officer Regional Programmes - Health Systems

Mr Francis Mangani
Programme Officer Regional Programmes - Children and Youth

Ms Izla Bethdavid Boltena
Second Secretary
Associate Expert

Ms Chilamo Sinkala Sikazwe
Programme Officer Regional Programmes - Special Groups and SRHR

Ms Mubukwanu Muyoyeta
Administrative Assistant / Archivist



Ms Gunnel Gomez
Counsellor, Head of Administration

Ms Therese Lundmark
Third Secretary
Migration and Consular Officer, Archives and IT

Ms Sally Burrows
Administrative Assitant, Visa

Ms Sigrid Hasselberg
Second Secretary

Ms Miriam Chawewa
Property Officer

Ms Machushi Nachilongo-Kauta (out of office)
Property Officer

Ms Jean Phiri/Mbewe
Visa Assistant

Ms Sekai Zengeni 
Administrative Assistant, Visa

Mr Flanaghan Silwizya
Personnel Administrator

Mr Chilupe Chileshe

Mr Petros Banda

Mr William Sikazwe

Mr Francis Bwalya