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The Embassy  will order Swedish ID numbers for newborns and persons who have never had a Swedish passport, national ID card or been registered with the Swedish Population Register. It is necessary to have a Swedish ID number before you can apply for a passport/national ID card. If the parents/ guardians have not registered the name of the child, this will be done at the same time.

Please note. For a child born before 1 April 2015 to a Swedish father and a non Swedish mother and where the parents are not legally married you must do a
Notification of Swedish citizenship.

Applications for a Swedish ID numbers should be made only if you intend to apply for a Swedish passport within six months. If no application for a passport is made within the stipulated time the Swedish ID number will be revoked. The Embassy is only able to order Swedish ID numbers for Swedish citizens.

To apply for a Swedish ID number the following is required:

  • One parent must come in person to the Embassy/Consulate
  • Completed application form SKV7750
  • Completed application form " Information for verification of Swedih citizenship" - found under "Documents" in the top right corner
  • Letter confirming you are aware of the six months rule - found under "Documents" in the top right corner
  • Birth certificate in original stating the names of both parents
  • Marriage certificate, if the parents of the child are married. The marriage must be registered with the appropriate official authority.
  • Both parent’s passports or valid photo ID. The Swedish parent must bring a valid Swedish passport of national ID card.
  • A mother and baby discharge summary from the hospital
  • A Letter of non-acquisition of British Citizenship - If the child’s Swedish mother/father moved to the UK before 1998.
  • Applicants over 18 years of age must fill in and sign the application – not the parents
  • Applicants over 12 years of age must sign the application form – under the parents signatures.

The Embassy is open for applications Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2 – 4 pm, no appointment necessary. If you apply at a Swedish Consulate check the opening times directly with the Consulate.

The processing time is normally 6 – 8 weeks
If you were born before 1 july 1979 please contact the Embassy on

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