Swedish Development Cooperation with Palestine

Sweden adopted a new five year strategy for our cooperation with Palestine the 30th of October 2014.

The support aims to contribute to the achievement of a democratic, independent, contiguous and viable Palestine living side by side with Israel in peace and security, based on 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the capital of the two states. The strategy also aims to ensure that the rights and needs of Palestinians are met so that they can live in all parts of Palestine regardless of the institutional framework.

According to the strategy, activities will be conducted to achieve results within the following sectors:

-  Strengthened democracy, improved gender equality and greater respect for human rights

-   Improved environment and greater resilience to environmental change, climate impacts and disasters 

-   Strengthened private sector development

Sweden will support Palestine with 300 MSEK (40 MUSD) per year  in development support, which amounts to a 50% increase. In addition to this, Sweden will continue its substantial humanitarian assistance amounting to approx 400 MSEK (50 MUSD) per year.

Full text of the new strategy can be found in the column to the right.