Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visas are available for Australian and New Zealand citizens.

You must be 18–30 years of age when you apply. The main purpose of your stay in Sweden should be the holiday.

You can obtain a visa for up to one year. You can only receive a working holiday visa once.

You can apply for a working holiday visa at a Swedish embassy or consulate in your native country or the country in which you are presently residing.

You should turn in your application at least six weeks before you plan to enter Sweden.

The visa should be completed and decided before you leave for Sweden.

The application fee is the equivalent of 1 000 SEK plus 10 AUD when you apply. If your application is denied, the fee will not be refunded.

You may work in order to supplement your travelling funds while in Sweden. For that reason, you will be given a work permit. Your job must be temporary in nature. You can apply for work once you have entered Sweden.

The main rule is that people who want to work in Sweden must apply for a residence and work permit in the country of origin or another country outside Sweden in which you reside.

Where do I apply?

If you are outside Sweden, you apply electronically on the Swedish Migration Agency website:
Electronic Applications

You can also apply at the Embassy/Consulate in Australia or New Zealand. Find the closest Embassy/Consulate here;
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Information about your application

If you would like to see if the Migration Agency has received your application, or if a decision has been made,

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How long does it take to get a decision from the Swedish Migration Agency?

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