The Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, Australia

About the Embassy building

The Embassy was built between 1947-1951. The architects were Messrs Peddle, Thorp and Walker of Sydney, who developed the design from the sketch plans of the Swedish architect, Mr. E G H Lundquist. It was built in a Scandinavian style adapted to suit Australian climatic conditions and a setting of gum trees.

The building, the first in Canberra to do so, received the 1952 "Sir John Sulman Award for Public and Monumental Buildings" for a "building of exceptional merit" and the architect, Mr. Lundquist, was awarded a gold medal in this connection as well as the Australian firm. It is believed that Mr. Lundquist is the only foreign architect not practising in Australia who has received such a medal.

The layout of three buildings in extensive grounds is a convincing design with the clean, graceful lines characteristic of Swedish architecture, successfully integrated with the Australian conditions and landscape. Australian and Swedish materials, finishes and craftsmanship of high quality are included in the design.

The problem that had to be resolved by the architects was a particularly difficult one as the Commonwealth Government, besieged by post-war difficulties, made it an absolute condition that accommodation be provided for every member of the embassy staff. At the same time, estimated costs of erecting several separate buildings, either linked around a courtyard in chateau style or standing free in separate sections of the 7 1/4 acre site, proved absolutely prohibitive. Out of these conditions came the single, very long, but beautifully proportioned and well punctuated, two story block comprising the Ambassador's residence, the Chancery with three staff flats above it, and the Secretary's residence. This solution, providing maximum privacy, sunlight and pleasant outlooks for each entity was the determining factor in the Sulman award.

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