Santa Lucia: Celebrations in Switzerland

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    Lucia Photo: Cecilia Larsson Lantz/

Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters. Alongside Midsummer, the Lucia celebrations represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden, with their clear reference to life in the peasant communities of old: darkness and light, cold and warmth. A small selection of Lucia-celebrations in Switzerland:

9 + 10 Dec.: Lausanne, Centre Pluriculturel d’Ouchy, here 
10 Dec.: Zurich, Kirche St. Peter, here
13 Dec.: Bern, Dreifaltigkeitskirche, here
16 Dec.: Geneva, Ekumeniska centret, 150 rte de Ferney, Gd Saconnex, here